Overview of Our Dissertation Coaching and Consulting Services

  • grad13.jpg - 4kbWe read, review, and critique your written work the way an excellent chairperson would help students by offering feedback, discussion, and mentoring in a constructive, friendly manner.
  • grad10.jpg - 6kbWe offer full statistical support tailored towards nonstatisticians, including data analysis with clearly written results and brief reports explaining statistical techniques.
  • grad14.jpg - 3kbWe conduct literature searches and provide reference lists and bibliographies on your research topic.
  • We provide career development consulting and a “conversion program” to assist in adapting your work into a journal article or book.

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Newest Articles

  • Institution Review Board Application: Human Subjects Protection Guidelines

    TweetWhat is the institutional review board (IRB)? VandenBos (2007) defines the IRB as “a committee named by an agency or institution to review research proposals originating within that agency for ethical acceptability.” (p. 486) You will notice in this definition that the IRB is a committee, a group of people. And the goal of this committee is to review and […]

  • Projecting A Professional Image As A Doctoral Student

    TweetYour professional image as a doctoral student is very important in conveying the right perception to your chair, committee members, or other university personnel. Here are a few points to remember: The best e-mail address to use is one that includes your name. Examples: JohnJones@abc.com or RKSmith@xyz.com.  You are trying to project a success image and your name is the easiest way to do […]

  • Dissertation Chair Selection Guidelines

    TweetThe selection of a Chairperson is the single most important decision you will make during the dissertation process. An excellent Chair will mentor, support, and supervise you throughout the process and get you through the difficult times because they care about you and your research. You want to feel confident that your Chair really cares about giving the support you […]


Newest Secrets & Tips

  • Waiting, Attention And Loving What You Do

    Here is the latest edition of Inspirations and Insights. “If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.” ~ Anonymous “Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.” ~ Jim Rohn  “My best advice: Fall in love with what you do for a living.” ~ George Burns “An […]

  • Studying Children And Vulnerable Adult Populations

    Using children and vulnerable adults as subjects in a dissertation/thesis has many drawbacks. The primary drawback is obtaining the necessary permissions. Since children are minors and cannot legally consent to participate in a research study, you have to receive permission from a parent or guardian. You will also need permission from a school board, school principal, teacher, or research committee. […]

  • Selecting A Chairperson

    The most important decision you will make is choosing a chairperson for your dissertation. Some universities assign the student to a chairperson, or major advisor; in that case, the student has no decision to make. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. Most students are free to ask any faculty member to serve as their chairperson. Many students […]