What qualifications do you have as consultants?

Our staff includes five people. As a team, we have four doctorates, five masters degrees and six bachelor degrees from the legitimate, accredited universities: Baylor University, California School of Professional Psychology – San Diego, California State University – San Bernardino, Chapman University, Indiana State University, Pennsylvania State University, San Diego State University, Stanford University, United States International University, University of Arizona and University of Kansas.

Since 1949, we have led dissertation support groups, served on numerous committees as chairs and members; consulted for many major corporations and organizations.

We have edited a book and written 11 books, written 12 chapters of edited books and many journal articles. Since 1990, we have consulted with graduate students from over 182 universities and professional schools on their dissertation or thesis research.

Dissertation Editing Designed
to Get You the Doctorate!

Dissertation Services
Information Center
Consolidating sentence structure for easy reading
Paraphrasing quotations
Eliminating redundancies
Simplifying confusing language
Substituting common language for slang and jargon
Active versus passive voice
Subject and verb agreement
Correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling
Conceptional/organizational editing for clarity
Improving tone and style
Evaluating design integrity
Evaluating and editing research questions based on the purpose of the study
Evaluating interview questions matched to research questions
Assessment and recommendations of appropriate statistical analysis

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