Dear Dr. Wargo,

I am enclosing my Interview Questions. Can you tell me what you think of them? Are these good enough? ~ A.J.

Dear A.J.,

To do a proper review/critique of your Interview Questions, I will also need to see your latest Research Questions and the Purpose of the Study. Please send these sections.

There needs to be a direct relationship between the Interview Questions and corresponding Research Questions. In other words, it should be obvious to the reader that the responses to the each interview question are matched to the appropriate research questions. In qualitative methodology you want to be able to clearly distinguish which findings are matched to which research questions. If that cannot be done with clarity, your findings will be confusing to the reader.

The Research Questions are derived from and connected to the Purpose of the Study just as the Interview Questions are derived from the Research Questions.

Therefore as you can see, these three sections are interconnected.

Thank you,

Dr. Wargo


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