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  • Self-Care for Dissertation Success

    It is still important to take care of yourself by drinking water, working out, and getting rest. If you want to have quality in your dissertation, then you still need to have a quality of life! Avoid putting your health at risk. Consider adding 10 to 15 minutes of meditation or prayer daily. Collectively all of these activities will make […]

  • Self-Care for Dissertation Students

    Self-Care for Dissertation Students                                                                    by William G. Wargo, Ph.D. ©2017 It’s good to take some time off and get recharged. Writing a dissertation can be a grueling ordeal over a number of years. Most doctoral students that I meet through my consulting practice are working full-time and have families to care for. These students need to look after themselves […]

  • Be Willing Sacrifice Something

    Decide at the start what you are willing to give up to complete your dissertation. You may have to drop a commitment, sport, hobby, or leisure activity to be disciplined and finish your dissertation on time. This is a small price to pay for completing your dissertation and earning your doctorate. This is where a lot of doctoral students sometime […]

  • Stick to a Continuous Writing Schedule

    Simply writing thirty minutes every single day will help you stay on task. This may also give you the opportunity to write even more if you are on a roll. However, don’t procrastinate and let yourself get stale, which could lead you to becoming paralyzed in your writing. It is important to write no matter what, even if you have […]

  • Take Small Steps

  • Writing Dissertation Conclusions in Your Chapter Five

  • Converting Your Dissertation to an Article or Book

  • What is Success?

  • Your Relationship with Your Chair

  • People Who Succeed Have Momentum

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