In another example of self-sabotage, many doctoral students have a low commitment to their topic because they put little thought or interest into the topic.

This is a huge mistake, since so much time and effort go into the subsequent dissertation process. It is important to pick a topic that you are passionate about. This will help you to stay committed and focused, and it also will keep you from questioning your choice.

It is also helpful to choose a topic that could be part of a larger area of future interest or expertise. You can consider how this topic will enhance your career development or play a part in article or book publication down the road. If you are having difficulty deciding on your topic, you can review previous courses and books to find an area of interest. If you find a topic that you feel is too general or too large, you can always limit or redefine it later.

Again, you need to have a sincere passion for the topic and/or the type of people that you will be studying.

This sincere passion will make it easier to go through the difficulties you will face in this research project. When you see the bigger picture, you will have a passion for it. Many students jump in and find a topic that means nothing more to them than a means of completing their dissertation. If you are passionate about the topic, it could be the means to a whole new area of expertise. On the contrary, how discouraging to have invested time, effort, and money on a dissertation to have the end result be simply a completed dissertation and nothing more!


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