Choosing a working title can help you write the central question of research.

The dissertation title should detail the complete story of what your research is all about. This is only a working title that may be revised at any time up to and including the oral defense. Some components to consider within the working title include: what will be measured, how these two characteristics relate to each other, who the subjects will be, and where the subjects will live.

As a word of advice, the working title may be one of the last things to change. You need to realize that your project will change as you go along. It will certainly change from the way it was designed when you started! Many students forget the title on the front of the document: the original title from months or maybe even years ago.

This means that when you get to your oral defense, it is quite possible that someone on the committee could ask you to change your title. It is important to acquiesce; the title is not something that you should argue about.