It is vital to make reading a priority and take information from all of the literature that you access. You should include these ideas somewhere in your dissertation, a process that will allow you to think about various issues, which will lead to a better flow of writing.

Always read more articles and books relevant to your topic. The more you read, the more comfortable you will be with what you are doing. I don’t recommend reading everything; be selective in what you read. The more you read focused areas and topics of your literature or compare findings of other studies to the findings of your study, the more confidence you gain. To really complete a dissertation, you must be immersed in the topic. You must be immersed in the data. What you are doing should be intellectually all-consuming.

Your dissertation needs to be so familiar to you that you know it, own it, live it, and breathe it to create the success you want. This is in alignment with a commitment to writing thirty minutes per day. Working regularly builds momentum. This will help you complete the dissertation quickly.