Are you struggling with your dissertation, and afraid that you’ll miss your deadline and fail?

Are you worried that just by looking for help outside of your dissertation committee that you might risk being dropped from the program?

Are you stressing out that you spent all this time, all these years, and now everything is riding on your dissertation, and if you fail, you will be disappointing your family, friends, and even yourself?

Well let me reassure you that there are options, and you are not at risk by seeking help. In fact, there is a way that you can virtually guarantee completion of your dissertation.

I’ll tell you more in just a little bit…

But first, let me introduce myself.

William Wargo, Ph.D.My name is William Wargo, Ph.D., and for 23 years I have helped hundreds of students just like you to achieve the result they desire – completing their dissertation and getting their doctorate. And I assure you that I can do the same for you.

You see, when I was younger (just a few years ago, :)), I was in the position you are now. I was in a doctorate program, I had completed my coursework, and I was struggling with that one thing – the dissertation.

Had it not been for the grace of a wonderful professor, who took the time to have a personal ongoing dialogue with me, I might not be here to help you.

You see, it was those weekly discussions I had with him that helped me learn to think and write like a researcher, that made all the difference in the world. I started to make steady progress toward dissertation completion.

With his help, I COMPLETED my dissertation!

And after I completed my dissertation and achieved my doctorate, I decided to starting helping others do the same thing, and what a wild and wonderful experience it has been!

I just love working with students to help them understand what their committee expects of them, how to structure their dissertation, how to write in a clear and concise way, how to prepare for the oral defense, and ultimately, how to win their doctorate!

The Truth About Students That Fail Their Dissertations

So back to the point I wanted to make about the fear of failing.

The truth is, most students fear that they will miss the deadline, and they put off completion of their dissertation. They hit a wall, get frazzled, or just get busy with normal life, and their dissertation gets pushed back to tomorrow, then the next day, then next week, and so on…until they come up to their deadline and don’t even know what their statement of the problem is!

In all the years that I have worked with students, the number 1 reason they fail is…

They give up!

I had a doctoral chair who was so terrible that I actually dropped out of the program. However, he had made one recommendation that eventually led to my being able to complete my dissertation. That recommendation was that I call Dr. Wargo. Dr. Wargo actually called me and encouraged me to continue with my dissertation. I can say without hesitation, that if it were not for Dr. Wargo I would not be Dr. Luder. Dr Wargo offered not just dissertation expertise but also a caring atmosphere in which to complete my work.

– Alton J Luder, Jr., Ed.D.

Almost without exception, students that ask their committees for more time to complete their dissertation, get what they ask for!

You see the committee and the board of the university want you to finish your dissertation. The university must have a continual stream of top-notch dissertations just to maintain their accreditation. Not to mention the credibility and clout it adds to their school.

So you see, your committee actually NEEDS YOU!

Now they are still reasonable, and they will not let you go on forever asking for extensions. But rest assured, if you make significant progress, and show them that progress, you are almost guaranteed to get additional time to finish your work.

So how do you stay on track?

Not only is Dr. Wargo very knowledgeable about the dissertation process, he was extremely patient, could be the person to kick start me again when I needed it, would help me see the progress I’d made and give me both specific and general suggestions to increase the quality of my work. I found in Dr. Wargo a person whom I could trust to tell me the truth (even when I really didn’t “think” I wanted to hear it) and to absolutely give me his best effort at all times. He embodies the best example of what a mentor can and should be.

– Barbara M. Fouts, Ed.D., California

Well…I’ll give you the answer in just a minute.

First, let me tell you…

Students That Get Dissertation Help Succeed 72% of the Time

(By the way, students who work with me succeed 98% of the time.)

I know there are students that think if they seek outside help, that they are in danger of being kicked out of the program, but that is simply NOT true!

The truth is, the committee is just really busy, and they probably just don’t have enough time to give all of their students the attention they need.

But they absolutely do not have a problem with you working with someone else!

They just want to make sure that you are the one driving the car…that it is your work.

But getting help from an expert to improve your writing, to help you collect your thoughts, to guide you through what your committee is expecting to see – your committee will not have any issues with that.

So lay all your fears to rest…because you are about to discover the answer the answer to getting past the hump and completing your dissertation…

Introducing the Answer – The Academic Information Center Free, One Hour Dissertation Consultation

Listen, I know you can be successful, and I know I can help.

I’ve helped many students before, and am actively consulting with students presently. I know what has worked and what is working, and I am completely confident that I can help you get your doctorate.

That’s why my consultations are jam-packed with the keys to successful completion that will get you on the path to your doctorate right away.

Dr. Wargo shared with me his advanced skills of creative, logical, and realistic thinking which were vital to me in successfully completing critical phases of my dissertation project. Dr. Wargo has many years of valuable and dedicated consulting experience with dissertation and thesis studies. Each conversation that I had with Dr. Wargo gave me the direction that I needed to take insightful and consistent steps toward the completion of my dissertation project. I would never have completed my dissertation without the professional support that I received from Dr. Wargo, particularly during the early phases of this project.

– John Moran, Ph.D., Missouri

Here’s what you’ll receive…

The best methodology and design to use for your specific dissertation topic
The best approach to writing for precision and readability
The best strategy to conquer the oral defense
Answers to your dissertation concerns and questions
The best approach to working with your dissertation committee
An overview of how I can assure you that you will complete your dissertation
Steps to ensure the end goal –> YOUR DOCTORATE!

But not only will you receive the keys, you will also receive tailor-made support to help you with the immediate issues you are facing with your dissertation.

I also make sure that you stay on track, scheduling meetings along specific intervals, to keep you moving toward completion.

Now I know what you are thinking…

How much is this going to cost me?

You know, I am so confident in you, that I am willing to give you a whole hour of my time, absolutely free and without any obligation.

Click here to schedule your free consultation now.

And you know, you might just get exactly what you need to complete your dissertation during this free consultation. I have had students that just do one call with me, and it was just what they needed to go on without me!

And that’s OK, because my first and primary goal is for you to be successful!

You see, the fact is, 100% of the clients that follow my advice and coaching recommendations, HAVE completed their dissertations and received their doctorates!

And I guarantee that if you follow my recommendations, you WILL become Dr. ________!

Now I won’t write the dissertation for you, but I will give your dissertation a complete and thorough overhaul, and give you the skill-set you need to make your dissertation a success.

Dr. Wargo demonstrated a broad application of knowledge and a strong functional knowledge. I appreciated his analytical reasoning the most in helping me reach independent decisions.

The Academic Information Center strongly motivated me to complete my studies and directed me toward the tools needed to achieve maximum results and maintain fresh enthusiasm.

– Clarice Brown, Ph.D., Maryland

All I ask is for your commitment to success and I will give you the customized support you need to fit your exact needs.

And I promise you that I will keep your personal information confidential.

I will not sell, distribute, or otherwise divulge your identity, or the work you complete, without explicit permission from you!

You will be in complete control, I will just help you achieve the results you want.

So what are you waiting for…click the button below and let’s get started right away!

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Dr. Wargo’s enthusiasm, guidance, and feedback made the dissertation process a positive and rewarding one. His expertise in data analysis, projective assessment, and qualitative methods was invaluable to finishing my degree in a timely manner with the results I was looking for.

– Karen Hansen, Ph.D., Vermont