William G. Wargo, Ph.D.

Do you write dissertations or theses for students?

No, we do not. We work with clients the way an excellent chairperson would help students by offering feedback, discussion, and mentoring in a constructive, friendly manner.

What kind of help can I expect?

We tailor our consulting services to meet the individual needs of each client. We read, review, and critique written work. We offer specific feedback and discussion on ways to improve the design and point out weaknesses or potential problems. Sometimes clients have a concept for their research and need help putting the “dissertation puzzle” together. If statistical help is needed, we provide the following:

  • Evaluation of the methodological soundness of research procedures
  • Evaluation of current or proposed data analysis
  • Preparation of protocol for collecting and recording meaningful data
  • Assistance with questionnaire construction and/or test selection
  • Selection of appropriate analytical techniques
  • Data analysis
  • Written, understandable reports of the data analysis
  • Tutoring and review in preparation for the proposal meeting and oral defense.

For clients who do not have their committee in place, we offer discussion and guidelines on how to go about selecting the chairperson and members.

The most important service we offer our clients is a safe mentoring relationship that leads to the completion of their research.

What other kinds of things can you help me with?

We consult on these topics if needed:

  • Nature of the ABD phenomenon
  • Quitting too soon
  • Too much enthusiasm, too little focus
  • Too hard to please
  • Dynamics of proposals
  • Too casual
  • Choosing a topic – staying with a topic
  • Too compulsive
  • Managing time and space
  • Dynamics of chairs and committees
  • Too long in transit
  • Dealing with statistical issues
  • Too much independence
  • Too little appreciation of the scholarly tradition
  • Choosing the right methodology
  • ABD writer’s block
  • Stress burnout
  • What’s at stake?

How long and how often do I need to have consultations?

We have no contracts and no requirements regarding frequency of appointments or duration of services used. Some clients want weekly appointments as they attempt to accelerate their completion of the research. Other clients want periodic appointments on an “as needed” basis. We only ask our clients to have a serious and responsible attitude about our services because we only have so many consulting hours available and we want to help as many clients as possible.

What is the total cost of consulting services in order for me to complete my research?

We have no way of knowing the total cost. Each client has different skill and motivational levels. Standards at universities vary. Expectations of chairpersons and committee members also vary. Our clients are free to use our services as often as they choose. Therefore, we cannot project your costs.

Who else will know that I am receiving consulting?

Nobody. All our services are confidential.

What if I have dropped out of my program or my allotted time for completion has expired? Can you help me?

Yes, we offer consulting and strategies to attempt to gain re-admission or locate another university.

How do I pay for my consulting services? What payment plans exist?

We offer three payment plans. Clients select one of the following:

  1. Credit card charges can be made using Master Card, Visa, American Express, or Discover
  2. Debit card which is integrated into a checking account
  3. As credit balance is used, subsequent retainers are received.

Can I get a list of graduate students who have used your consulting services for their dissertations and theses?

No. Since all the consulting we do is confidential, we do not give out the names of our clients. We do publish “What Our Clients Say About Us.” This report is available upon request.

I don’t know much about statistics. Can you still help me?

Yes, we offer full statistical support. See detailed list of our statistical services on a previous page.

I only want a literature search. Can you do one for me?

Yes, we offer three kinds of search services:

  1. Literature Search Only
  2. Literature Search with abstracts when available
  3. Article Retrieval

Send us a written request with your specific “key words” and a description of your general topical area. We will send you an estimate of the costs.

What about editing and writing consultations for books and journal articles?

Yes, we do consulting for other types of writing and research. Services include editing, reviewing and critiquing and or all aspects of a writing project for: grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, clarity, format and organization. Full statistical services are also available if needed.

Do you offer other services?

Yes, we do career development consulting for graduate students with recent advanced degrees and a “conversion program” to assist in adapting the dissertation or thesis to a journal article or book. We also assist in revising rejected articles for re-submission and publication in other journals.

Do you have books or tapes available to help me?

Yes, we have published:

  • Dissertation and Thesis Completion Manual: Secrets, Tips, and Guidelines (book)
  • Dissertation Dialogues, Part 1, Overall Organization and Chapter One (video>
  • Dissertation Journal – A Way to Completion (book).
  • Secrets and Tips for Dissertation Completion (available through www.Amazon.com)

Click here for details.

What do I do to start receiving your consulting services?

Call for a telephone appointment toll free at (888) 463-6999. Let’s get started today!