You should never give up. At times it will feel as if all the odds are against you, but your persistence will win out every time.

I like to remind clients that whenever you are losing your commitment, remember that everyone wants you to succeed. Obviously, you want you to succeed. Your family wants you to succeed. Your spouse wants you to succeed. The committee wants you to succeed. The Chair wants you to succeed. The university administration wants you to succeed.

Everyone wants you to succeed because when you succeed in completing the dissertation and graduating, you almost always become a walking commercial for the university. Rarely, if ever, does somebody get his or her doctorate and say bad things about the school. Maybe for a short while after you have suffered through the dissertation, you might think bad thoughts or make negative comments, but in the long run, you are Dr. So-and-So; you win!

You win because you only have to do this once. It’s not like some licenses. For instance, many states require nurses to renew their licenses every two years.

This leads me to Winston Churchill’s very famous line, “Never, never, never, never give up.” If you don’t quit on yourself, no one else will either.