When you receive feedback from your chair, revise and resubmit the material as quickly as you can. This will keep your dissertation moving forward without any setbacks.

Make sure that you review it closely. By resubmitting quickly, the content stays fresh in your mind, and you also impress your chair or mentor with your work ethic.

Unfortunately, many students may take months to implement feedback into the dissertation. This means that any momentum that they had been building is lost. No one wants to lose momentum. One way that you keep it going is by resubmitting an updated version based on the feedback you received.

Of course, it’s important to determine whether feedback is:

  1. personal preference
  2. a suggestion
  3. something that absolutely must be added or changed

When you have good regular dialogue with your Chairperson, it is easier to judge the level of importance of these. And prompt turnaround makes a big difference.