Here are a few of the testimonials we’ve received from clients:

“Dr. Wargo has helped me change my life. I am very impressed by how he was able to guide me through the whole dissertation process by encouraging me to stay on task and keep producing, keep writing, week after week. He was able to answer questions I couldn’t find answers for anywhere else. While I was in the process, I found it difficult to make sense of what was happening. Dr. Wargo helped me to make sense of the whole thing, which was a very grounding experience. I am one of those people who need to understand things and to see the importance of them in order to continue pouring my energy into them. Dr. Wargo explained those mysteries to me. Dr. Wargo gave me the reason and guidance to go on with the writing of my dissertation.”
“There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have been able to complete my dissertation process without Dr. Wargo’s expertise to guide me through. There are no words to express my gratitude for my being able to complete my doctoral studies.”

Marcy Stern, Ed.D., Florida

William Wargo, Ph.D.
William G. Wargo, Ph.D. 

“Your ability to help me organize this project, challenge my thinking and support my efforts even when they were less than perfect made the biggest difference. Your turn around time and availability were superb. I always felt you were there when I needed help.”

confidential, Ph.D., New York

“What I found most helpful about Dr. Wargo was his patience and his ability to empathize with my struggle which consisted of internal as well as external peaks and valleys. His sense of humor and his ability to help me continue to believe in both my topic and my abilities were outstanding.”

“I hold Dr. Wargo with high esteem, both for the professional help he gave me with my dissertation as well as the personal guidance, patience and encouragement he lent me.”

Emilio Rendon, Ph.D., Texas

Through our clients we’ve worked with many, many schools. See if yours is on our list.

“Dr. Wargo has been calm, logical, positive, directive, honest, ethical, and supportive.
Thank you.”

Joseph Ralph Ortiz, Ph.D., California

“Your honesty and direction as well as your encouragement enabled me to focus on my purpose and complete my study.”

“The same difficulties I had in my prospectus were the same discussions which occurred during the defense. Several members of my committee wanted me to look at more data and include family perceptions. Thanks to your words of wisdom, I was able to enforce the one purpose.”

Laura Granato, Ph.D., Virginia

“Not only is Dr. Wargo very knowledgeable about the dissertation process, he was extremely patient, could be the person to kick start me again when I needed it, would help me see the progress I’d made and give me both specific and general suggestions to increase the quality of my work. I found in Dr. Wargo a person whom I could trust to tell me the truth (even when I really didn’t “think” I wanted to hear it) and to absolutely give me his best effort at all times. He embodies the best example of what a mentor can and should be.”

Barbara M. Fouts, Ed.D., California

“Dr. Wargo demonstrated a broad application of knowledge and a strong functional knowledge. I appreciated his analytical reasoning the most in helping me reach independent decisions.”
“The Academic Information Center strongly motivated me to complete my studies and directed me toward the tools needed to achieve maximum results and maintain fresh enthusiasm.”

Clarice Brown, Ph.D., Maryland

“Dr. Wargo, Thank you for your many hours of “dedicated and excellent” consultation services. My dissertation would never have taken flight without your wise guidance and faithful support. You are recognized in the acknowledgements section of my dissertation.”

“Dr. Wargo, I will never forget the dramatic influence that you have had on this phase of my life. May God always bless you and your fine family.”

confidential, Ph.D., Missouri

“Dr. Wargo was open, honest, and professional regarding all aspects of the dissertation process. Your statistician was excellent and did a great job with a complex task. In fact it was done so well that I even understood it. I know that I will recommend your service to anyone who needs it. Keep up the excellent work.”

William V. Plath, Ph.D., New York

Dr. Wargo’s enthusiasm, guidance, and feedback made the dissertation process a positive and rewarding one. His expertise in data analysis, projective assessment, and qualitative methods was invaluable to finishing my degree in a timely manner with the results I was looking for.

Karen Hansen, Ph.D., Vermont

Dr. Wargo, your willingness to work with me and your calm demeanor were really helpful. I appreciate A.I.C. responding to my e-mails so quickly. I really appreciate all the services you offer. Thanks for everything.

Christopher Anderson, Ph.D., Arkansas

“Dr. Wargo, I wish to thank you so much for your coaching and mentoring in helping me bring my dissertation process to fruition.”

“Over the time we worked together you not only showed great insight into the completion process, but you gave me encouragement and an optimistic outlook when the ‘dissertation blues’ set in. For this I will be forever grateful. There were also times, after our phone discussions, that I didn’t like what you had to say, as it meant more re-writing and work on my part. After I reviewed my notes and what was going on in my head, even though I did not like to admit it, I realized that you were right and I had better get back to the drawing board. I know I would never have completed the goal of earning my doctorate with out your input and encouragement. You played a very integral part in my achievement.”

“Again thank you very much for all that you have done for me. Yes, I had to do the work, but it was with your guidance that I found out it was not ‘mission impossible’ but ‘mission possible and completed’.”

James G. Panks, Ed.D., South Carolina

“Dr. Wargo shared with me his advanced skills of creative, logical, and realistic thinking which were vital to me in successfully completing critical phases of my dissertation project. Dr. Wargo has many years of valuable and dedicated consulting experience with dissertation and thesis studies. Each conversation that I had with Dr. Wargo gave me the direction that I needed to take insightful and consistent steps toward the completion of my dissertation project. I would never have completed my dissertation without the professional support that I received from Dr. Wargo, particularly during the early phases of this project.”

John Moran, Ph.D., Missouri

Dear Dr. Wargo, Enclosed please find a copy of my dissertation. I thank you once again for your help with this project. Your support and guidance made the completion of my Ph.D. a possibility. I’d love to hear any comments you may have concerning the finished project. At some point this coming summer, I want to turn it into a journal article or two. Any ideas?

confidential, Ph.D., New York

Dr. Wargo, you stuck by me through all the ups and downs and managed to motivate me to keep going and not give up, though giving up seemed tempting more than once. I wouldn’t have completed the dissertation, nor would I have been able to deal with all its trials and tribulations if it hadn’t been for your help. Thank you.

Andrea Grunblatt, Ph.D., New York

“For Dr. Wargo, he was most helpful with his tips for editing the document and knowing I had access to a ‘coach’ who could help me work toward deadlines. For Dr. Wilson, he provided excellent written information that I used to write the results chapter and the statistical analysis.”

Susan Jakcsy, Ph.D., South Dakota

“Dr. Wargo had a tough row to hoe with me, but his abiding presence and skills finally paid off for me when I successfully defended my dissertation. He saw me through the highs and lows of this process with aplomb and empathy. I wouldn’t have made it without him.”

Stephany Hughes, Ph.D., Kansas

Dr. Wargo was very knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills. His coaching with encouraging words always provided clear and valuable recommendations. P.S. – I could not have completed such a valuable study without your coaching and mentoring every step of the way. You are a gem!

Tammy Ledbetter, D.M., California

Dr. Wargo was incredibly talented in his ability to narrow the field of what could be a broad focus of selected study. His ongoing “virtual” support and positive feedback on those dark, dim days were invaluable. Dr. Wargo’s ability to stimulate creative thinking and challenging ideas was refreshing, wise, and something that the Ph.D. student cannot receive on campus. I have already referred Dr. Wargo’s services to a peer, who is in that “stuck” phase, and needs a continual committed individual at the other end of the phone.

Linda Levine Madori, Ph.D., New York

Dr. Wargo’s most helpful characteristics were his suggestions as to how to organize the document for focus and clarity. I also needed his many insights to provide stronger support for my conclusions. I recommended his services to a colleague working on her dissertation. Thanks again for everything.

Susan Vallem, Ph.D., Iowa

“Dear Dr. Wargo,
I would like to thank you for being so helpful and supportive during this phase of my dissertation. I am really glad that you will be helping me until the end; it makes me feel more at ease about the whole process. Thank you for all your help.”

confidential, M.A., Florida

I had a doctoral chair who was so terrible that I actually dropped out of the program. However, he had made one recommendation that eventually led to my being able to complete my dissertation. That recommendation was that I call Dr. Wargo. Dr. Wargo actually called me and encouraged me to continue with my dissertation. I can say without hesitation, that if it were not for Dr. Wargo I would not be Dr. Luder. Dr Wargo offered not just dissertation expertise but also a caring atmosphere in which to complete my work.

Alton J Luder, Jr., Ed.D.