Once you understand the concepts behind your dissertation, you will see that it can be a springboard to your future career. It may seem cumbersome or overwhelming at times, but it could be the process you need to jump start a new direction and create a different vision of what you want to do with your life.

The knowledge gained from the literature and findings from your dissertation can open doors to new career opportunities and areas of expertise as a speaker, trainer, or writer. You can become a spokesperson for a problem, an area of concern, or a group of people. You may find that you become an advocate for solutions that you discovered through your research. This is especially true if you convert your dissertation to an article or book.

Too many doctoral students stop with the dissertation. It gets filed, lost, and many times forgotten. All the work, effort, insights, and findings from the dissertation never get promoted to those who could benefit from the research. This is unfortunate, because there is so much value that can come from a dissertation that is properly publicized. You should consider your dissertation the beginning of a new phase in your career, which can lead to your life’s work.