You can use statistical consultants to recommend the most appropriate statistical analysis to be applied to each research question and/or hypothesis. Most professors, if they know that the student is not excellent at statistics, will recommend that the student find an outside statistician.

Analyzing the Results

These consultants can help you analyze and interpret the results of each research question and hypothesis. They will then write a preliminary report of your findings for clear and conclusive results. Many students make the mistake of trying to take the reports and/or the tables, charts, and graphs directly from the statistician and just drop them into the Results Chapter.

Make Sure You Understand the Data

By doing this there is a risk that, since most statisticians write in a highly technical style with extreme brevity, their writing style almost never matches the style of the doctoral student. It’s also important to discuss with the statistician your understanding of what was done as it is applicable to each of your research questions. Without a clear understanding of what the statistician did for you, there’s a high risk that you could be embarrassed during an Oral Defense because you lack clarity regarding the data analysis.

Integrate and Use the Report

When you have taken the report from your statistician and integrated it into your Results/Findings Chapter, make sure you have the consultant review your work and have a special consultation with them so that you are capable of intelligently discussing your findings, before you submit the chapter to your Chairperson.