How to Write Conclusions

Conclusions are a major part of your Chapter Five, Discussion and Conclusions. Use declarative sentences to write your conclusions. Take this time to give evidence from your Chapter Four, Results or Findings and provide validity. You can also reference other research studies that support or disagree with your conclusions and speculate about why this is so.

If necessary, finish by noting how each Conclusion may support or negate a different part of a theory. This is the one part of your Chapter Five where you will want to shine. All your results are in and from those results you are trying to make sense of them. Too often students give very little thought to their conclusions and essentially rephrase their results from chapter 4 as conclusions. That is not what conclusions are about. These allow you to apply the results from your study to the real world. You can also expect some serious dialogue during the Oral Defense regarding the conclusions you have stated as well as those that you may have overlooked. The most important thing you want to do is think deeply about how your findings can influence selected domains in society and report them as conclusions.