Reaching the dissertation stage in your doctoral studies, is evidence that you have the talent, academic ability, and a high level of persistence. This last stage of your studies isn’t necessarily about having the right knowledge and skills to complete a dissertation. Completing your dissertation requires a good work ethic, organization, time management and persistence. Give it your best effort, and make the commitment to excellence. If you do, you will obtain the highest academic honor, complete your dissertation and earn your doctorate.

Believe in Yourself

The most helpful thing in completing a dissertation is to believe in yourself and the ability you have to carry out all the requirements necessary to complete your research. Everyone understands that a dissertation is a giant undertaking requiring great effort, and believing that you can meet the requirements will go a long way to getting you to completion.

Schedule Working and Research Time

Time management skills and a good work ethic are required to finish your dissertation timely and efficiently. One great way to accomplish this is to schedule a time every day to research and write on your dissertation. Start with something small, like a minimum of thirty minutes a day, and be smart about when you work. Time that is scheduled between activities or less than 30 minutes will most likely result in poor quality work, and little progress.

Another great benefit to scheduling daily time to write and build your dissertation is that it keeps you focused. Every day, you are in the manuscript. Researching daily makes it easier to realize ownership. If you don’t write regularly you will start to feel disconnected from the manuscript. A daily writing schedule will help you focus on what needs to be done and how to move forward.

Don’t Ever Give Up

After all the work and struggle you’ve endured, don’t throw it away because life gets too hard or too busy. There will always be setbacks in life, obstacles that make writing your dissertation seem insurmountable. You are certain to face delays, failures and sometimes major life events, but you cannot let those things get in the way of completion of your dissertation. It is imperative to be persistent and never give up. You can do this.