It is your Chairperson’s job to advise you, not to come up with ideas for you. Expecting your chair to find articles for you or help write your manuscript is definitely crossing a line.

Too often, students expect the Chairperson to tell them all the details of what they should do and how they should do it. They expect the chair to approve every sentence, every section, and all aspects of the dissertation. Ultimately, the chair will do those things, but only after you create the draft of the document. If you continually return to the Chairperson for all things related to the dissertation, you will reinforce your own dependency and add to the Chairperson’s power or the control over this process. To advance more rapidly, you must take responsibility, as was mentioned in other tips, and realize that the so-called recipe book or guidelines for each section of your dissertation has already been established. Ninety percent of American universities have such a book, or a do-and-don’t book that includes the topics, the title of the chapters, and so on. Overall, however, it is up to you to decide what to include. So work hard to establish and maintain good communication with your Chairperson and become as independent as possible during your dissertation writing process.